Inner Child

Yeah, we’ve all heard about our inner child. I won’t get all crazed about explaining to you what it is, unless otherwise asked. I will tell you about how great it felt to feel young and careless again, even for the shortest amount of time. Here’s a picture I captured of my happiness.

My hair sure likes the energy in the air in here.


I’ll keep it short and simple.

When I was young I use to enjoy putting makeup on regardless of what time it was. As I got older my views changed on wearing makeup, and I much perferred not wearing any. Tonight I felt like indulging myself with a little dress up.

I got as far as putting eyeshadow on with my finger before my boyfriend asked about going to Tim Hortons. I decided why not? It’s dark anyways, and so what if I didn’t finish my masterpiece. So you know what I did? I drove to Tim Hortons alone, ordered, and I payed.

As ridiculous as this all sounds. The highlight of this story is how great it felt to laugh driving home knowing just how ridiculous this all was. I’m happy and that’s all I care about. Feeling confident in your skin even when you feel you’re having a bad day matters. Wearing makeup when you choose to is just as important because we’re just as beautiful without it. 🙋💜


Tarot Card #0 

Meaning: New beginning + chapter in life 🎉Gypsy meaning: A new home 🏠 

Should you go for this beginning? Look at the card and examine what catches your eye.

Water represents:



How does the water look?  Clear or dark; calm or windy?

Island + hole in the middle represents:

🔴Warning to be careful where you walk, could fall through.

🔴A feeling of being scared of this island warns to be careful, you don’t know what this new beginning is going to bring.  

Boat or log floating represents:

🔴It’s alright, help is coming to you.

🔴Take the new beginning,  even though you may be nervous or apprehensive.

Rainbow or bright sky represents:

🔴Bright new, wonderful beginning.

🔴You would be silly not to take this opportunity,  for example,  new job,  new house.

The trees represent:

🔴Knowledge and growing wise

🔴You will benefit from this new chapter because you’re going to learn something exciting.

🎈Tip: When reading for someone else, always focus on whether the card gives you good or negative vibes. The energy you feel will determine whether it’s a good or bad beginning.

I hope this helps those that wish to learn.  💜

Speak Life

Parental Advisory

     Your failures don’t define you. Make your life all that you’ve ever wanted, regardless of who judges you. Use your imagination. Own your own crazy!




“Angel Number 707 is a message is that you deserve accolades for the mental, spiritual and physical work you have been doing in your life. You are helping yourself and many others with your current life choices and actions, and you are being commended, encouraged and supported by the angelic and spiritual realms. Continue your great work and shine your light brightly.

Angel Number 707 encourages you to become more self-aware by exploring aspects of yourself with curiosity rather than judgement. Once you see yourself clearly and are self-aware you can develop new life skills and create a more contented and joyful life. It also deepens the connection you have with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Ask yourself what you need and what is vital to your wellbeing, then set out to fulfill those needs. Ask yourself what gifts you have to share with the world and how best to utilize them.

Angel Number 707 is a message to continue to focus upon your spirituality and life purpose and soul missionA change in consciousness will help you to create a positive new reality for yourself as well as a renewed sense of wellbeing.”